Uinta Clear Daze IPA

Uinta Clear Daze IPA

Date: 2018

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Type: Packaging & Art Direction

Services: Packaging Design, Production Design, Production Management

Uinta Brewing has a well established brand and visual identity. In 2017, the company went through a large unification project that created Uinta’s brand and packaging strategy most people see today.

Coel Studio has continued to work with Uinta to maintain this strategy, and expand on it when necessary. In the Fall of 2018, Uinta was preparing to launch a new beer, Clear Daze. We were provided with a prompt and general beer information and asked to begin developing the look and feel for the beer.

What you see (through) isn’t always what you get in this mirage of a juicy IPA. Clear Daze is clearly haze-free, but loaded with massive hop aromatics including pineapple, mango and passionfruit, all leading to a silky-soft mouthfeel and lingering, sweet finish.

We took this prompt, and through several iterations, were able to create a visual strategy that led to the final design seen on store shelves today.

The Design Process

All Uinta beers start with a thematic and sketch phase. For Clear Daze, we began with 4 distinct direction, but quickly narrowed those down to the Utah salt flats reflection after it has just rained. We were particularly interested in the idea of reflection, as it related to a beer that was a reflected version of what most people would expect to see in a traditional hazy, juicy IPA. Once a direction is selected, illustration is done in collaboration with Anderson Design Group. And that graphic is then put through a color exploration. In this case, we wanted to make sure that the final color scheme both represented the salt flats and gave the impression of “juice.”

Unique Challenges

One unique aspect of Clear Daze is the gradient printing found on the can. This is uncommon on beer cans due to the traditional 5 color printing style Ball uses. We worked to develop a gradated pixel pattern that would result in the blue to light tan “haze” you see on the can. This graphic was also translated into box graphics, keg rings, and other necessary package items for Uinta.


We’ve seen an amazingly positive response to the Clear Daze packaging. It is a nice part of the Uinta can lineup, while still carrying some unique graphic qualities that help it stand out amongst the crowd. If you haven’t picked one up, we highly recommend grabbing one soon.