Proper Hemp Co.

Proper Hemp Co.

Date: 2019

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Type: CBD Company

Services: Brand Strategy, Web Design, Ecommerce Web Development

Our friends at Proper Hemp Co have focused on creating high-quality CBD solutions, but when they came to us, their website wasn’t functioning as well as their products.

Additionally, the tools available for a web build can be tricky given regulations around credit card processing and sales for CBD products. Our goal was to maintain as much of the infrastructure they had already created, which meant using WordPress as the core CMS.

In the end, we were able to create a clean shopping experience that catered to both direct consumers and their wholesale customers – all in one website.

CBD Education

While the main driver behind the project was a better buying experience, we also wanted to bring CBD educational materials to the forefront of the site. Given the wide range of quality of CBD products on the market, and the fact that most customers are relatively uneducated on CBD, educational opportunities were an important driving force behind improving sales conversion for Proper Hemp.

Double Duty

In addition to traditional customers, the Proper site was also acting as a wholesale ordering platform. This meant giving wholesalers a more streamlined buying experience, and giving potential new wholesalers an outlet to reach out and engage with Proper Hemp, without leaving the core site. We accomplished this through a variety of plugins customized for Proper Hemp’s needs.


In the end, we were excited to launch a clean, streamlined, website that matched the Proper Hemp Co brand. Not only were we able to create a smooth purchasing process, but we also helped create an educational experience for new and returning customers alike. Take a look at